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NLN CNEA Fall 2016 Accreditation Cycle

The following programs are scheduled to undergo an on-site program evaluation visit by NLN CNEA in Fall 2016:

Wilson College
September 28-30, 2016
Initial Accreditation - Baccalaureate, Master’s

Concordia College – Alabama
October 17 – 19, 2016
Initial Accreditation – Baccalaureate (RN-BSN)

The public is invited to submit third-party comments on any of the above listed programs. Comments should be submitted to:  Judith A. Halstead, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN, 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Washington DC, 20037.

Programs hosting an on-site program evaluation visit from September – October 2016 will be reviewed by the NLN CNEA Program Review Committee on January 10-11, 2017 and the NLN CNEA Board of Commissioners on February 16-17, 2017.