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Affiliation Guidelines

The purpose of a Constituent League, affiliated with the National League for Nursing, is to support and implement the mission of the NLN to promote excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce at the constituent level.

Constituent Leagues, affiliated with the NLN, meet the following standards:

  • Promote the products and services of the NLN.
  • Participate in the securing of funds at the local/state level to promote faculty development and quality nursing education at the constituent level.
  • Serve as a monitor for public policy issues related to education of nurses at the constituent level.
  • Identify, recruit, engage, and develop members for constituent and national leadership work groups and task forces.
  • Develop alliances at the constituent level to advance quality nursing education.
  • Serve as a channel of communication between NLN and the League's members, and members to members.