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Geriatric Syndromes


Geriatric Syndromes

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Overview of Teaching Strategy 

These teaching strategies can be adapted to a variety of ways: used in clinical or classroom settings; utilized with actual or simulated scenarios; and designed for both beginning and advanced nursing courses.

Learning Objectives
The student will: 

  • Describe the geriatric syndrome(s) affecting the patient.
  • Explore the complexity of care associated with the identified geriatric syndromes.
  • Develop a coordinated plan of care for an older adult with a geriatric syndrome.
  • Explain how the geriatric syndrome increases the older adult's vulnerability during transitions in care settings.

 Essential Knowledge Domains 

  • Individualized Aging
  • Complexity of Care
  • Vulnerability During Transitions

 ACES Essential Nursing Actions 

  • Assess Function and Expectations
  • Use Evolving Knowledge

NLN Education Competencies 

  • Nursing Judgement
  • Spirit of Inquiry

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