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Getting Started


Caring for the Family Caregiver

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Getting Started 

This teaching strategy focuses on the caregiver. It highlights the need to coordinate and manage care inclusive of the caregiver as an extension of identified patient. In addition it helps the student to better understand the need for educational and emotional support of the caregiver as situational decisions are determined and functional expectations are considered. It enhances the students’ human flourishing and spirit of inquiry. 

This teaching strategy is designed to be used with the Millie Larsen case, but could also be easily utilized with any caregiver the student comes in contact with in any clinical settings. 

There are several activities in this teaching strategy that can be done together or independent of each other. It is an excellent tool to use with members of a group, assigning each member or group one of the activities and having them report back to the larger group their findings.

The utilization of the Millie Larsen case study, specifically simulation scenario 2, provides an excellent start to understanding the needs of both the patient and the family caregiver.

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