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Getting Started

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The Disease Mechanism of Alzheimer's Dementia

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Getting Started 

1. Send the students to the Alzheimer organization research centerThere are four sections that can be used as resources:

  • About Alzheimer’s
  • Inside the Brain – Download a slideshow that provides a review of normal brain pathology and the changes associated with Alzheimer’s dementia
  • Causes
  • Treatments looks at the different types of dementia

2. Assign reading on cognitive impairment from the student’s text or utilize the National Institute of Health resource page on Alzheimer’s disease:

3. Open PowerPoint file in a game show format. The topic areas are:

  • What’s It All About? – epidemiology and financial issues of Alzheimer’s dementia
  • The Patho to My Physiology – pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s dementia
  • More Paths to Physiology – more pathophysiology
  • Why Does It All Happen? – risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s dementia
  • Help Me Remember – varied content related to diagnosis, types of dementia and symptom progression


4. Start the game by clicking onto one of the point values under the selected topics. The file must be opened in the slide show mode in order to click onto the point values to play the game. Advancing to the next slide will reveal the answer. Always click the house icon on the bottom right of the slide to return the viewer to the game board and restart the process. The categories are numbered from 1-5 and coincide with the topics listed above: What’s It all About?; The Patho to My Physiology; More Paths to Physiology; Why Does It All Happen?; Help Me Remember.

5. Each of the answer slides has speaker notes with substantial information to augment the answers. The information provided in these notes is expansive and more than adequately covers the content area. These notes also have links to assessment tools in the How to Try This Series which coordinate with the content or videos to supplement the content.

6. The approach in this teaching strategy allows for the question to be presented first followed by lecture content. This active learning approach lets the students first become invested in the question and process the content in a way in which they can be better connected to the issue.  

7. To re-set the game, close the file. When the file is reopened, the board will be reset and the point values will restore to a bolded font.

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